Watering Weeds

Watering Weeds

The interesting thing about a blog, you get an inside peek into someone's mind and a glimpse of what makes them who they are.  Now, you all might think I'm crazy after reading this one, but I hope you  take something away from this post.

One of the things I really love is finding life lessons in the simplest things.  Plants. Flowers.  Weeds.  These three things have dominated my mindset over the last couple of weeks.  I am sure you all are wondering what I have been drinking!  Well, please hear me out...

You should know, I do not have a green thumb.  That is why I experience pure joy when something survives around my house.  If it happens to come back for a second year, even if it is supposed to, I feel like I won the Gold Medal at the Olympics.  Pure, unjust victory!!

But, it's the lessons in these little darlings that I love the most.  Last summer I came home to find one of my flowers almost completely wilted.  I hurried to give it some water to try to revive it and what do you know.  It bounced back like a little champ within a few hours.  I told that little flower, yes I actually said it out loud, "Someday I hope to have the same resilience."  And the truth is, maybe I already do but it made me stop to appreciate life on a very simple level. Just add water.

So let's pause for a second to take that in.  Small flower on it's death bed resurrected with some water.  Hmmmmm.  As we look into our own lives and feel defeated, deflated, at our wits end, what is our "water"?  What little bit of life, love, focus do we need to bounce back to life?  And most importantly, are we allowing that for ourselves?

This year my planters are plush and green with whatever came back from last year.  The planter in front of my house has a beautiful lush, green "plant" that I have diligently watered and tried to keep alive.  It has grown in leaps and bounds and develops tiny buds that I assumed would bloom.  New buds come and go, but no flowers. 

I told my husband I was beginning to wonder if I was just watering weeds. He replied, "Pull it!".  But you know what you guys, even if it is a weed, it's beautiful.  It's full.  It's vibrant. It fills a spot in the front of our house that really needs some life. 

So what if I am watering weeds?  It's bringing some joy and much needed life to a boring corner of our house.  So in life, is ok to water weeds, as long as they bring us joy?  I'd like to think so.

And you know what else hit me...WEEDS, in spite of our distaste for them, continue to grow, strive, and in some instances take over.  So what if we could be as resilient as weeds in spite of hate, negative talk, bullying and all things negative in our world.  And what if we continued to grow and strive?  And what if someone decided that was beautiful?  And what if that someone was us?  WHAT. IF....

So, if you will please excuse me, I have some weeds to water!


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