A Visual Path

A Visual Path

If you are like me, the first time you heard about "Vision Boards" you thought to yourself, "What is this hokus pokus idea?".

But then, hopefully you were like me, and decided to give it a shot.  Because, what could it hurt?!

So the first one I ever made was several years ago at a workshop with a few girlfriends.  It was fun.  It was a great girl day.  And honestly, I don't remember the outcome of all of my "visions".  But I do remember this, it established a mindset.  A path.  Some goals. 

In pictures.

In January of 2019 I participated in a 30 day Best Year Yet Challenge geared towards growing your business.  One of the very first tasks was to create a Vision Board.  The board was to include personal and professional goals for you and your company.


I went through the house gathering every magazine and plopped down on the floor with a pair of scissors.  I tore out anything and everything that struck me.  A word.  A phrase.  A picture.  I just let my mind decide what I wanted to tear from the pages of the magazines.  Now, stay with me here, because this is really where the magic happens.


If you listen, this is where your heart, mind, and soul speak to what you really want out of this life.  Listen.

Once I had a sufficient pile to work with I started to arrange the pieces on a cork board.  Some things I tossed.  They just didn't fit in or maybe I found something similar that was better.  Regardless, looking over every piece I pulled from the magazines reaffirmed what I wanted to tackle in 2019 and established goals and a timeline.

Here's where the second bit of magic takes place.  If you are a goal-oriented person, there is NO WAY you can let all of your goals, dreams, ideas sit on this board in pictures and DO NOTHING WITH IT.

It becomes a "to-do" list.  It becomes real.  It becomes an attainable goal laid out on a piece of paper instead of a lofty idea floating around in your thoughts. This is not to say you will knock out everything on your board.  You may not.  Your goals may change.  Life changes.  But you now have a visual of what you want to accomplish. AND you will find that you actually start working towards the things pinned to your board. 

Magic, maybe.  Hokus Pokus, ehhh.  But IT WORKS!

If you are still skeptical, try this.  Grab a picture of something you want to do.  Just one picture.  Read a book.  A Pinterest Project.  Try a new fitness class.  A Recipe.  Whatever it is, find a picture that represents one thing.  Post it on your refrigerator, your desk, your mirror, wherever you will see it EVERY DAY.

And watch what happens.  I would love to hear from you about your experience. 

Below is a pic of my board for 2019.  For me, how I arranged the clippings became equally as important as what was on my board.  What's my center?  What's on top?  What's my foundation or baseline?  


One final thing, don't be shy!  This is your path.  Your goals.  Your dreams.  Put it all on there.  Who cares who sees it, the important thing is that YOU see it EVERY DAY!

Now, get to clipping!



Creating your Vision Board

What you will need:

  1. An Open Mind.
  2. Magazines, Newspapers, Pictures.
  3. Poster Board, Mirror, Canvas, Cork Board.
  4. Tape, Glue, Staples, Pins.
  5. Scissors.


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