...The Story behind Twelve

...The Story behind Twelve


Oh where to begin..

If you follow me on social media, you know I have done a lot of soul searching, personal development and planning this year.

You're probably also very aware that a shift was coming to AVW.

I have wanted to downsize.

To Streamline.

To simplify. 

My life and yours.

During my stay at Round Top I was awestruck by ladies with businesses carrying very few products and doing very well.  I learned from them and set to put that same mindset in place.

But how...

How do I downsize?  What does that even look like?

Getting really real with you here, social media weighs me down.  It's exhausting and overwhelming.  EVERY.SINGLE.DAY, no actually EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I'm on the apps I feel bombarded with hauls.

A term I have come to loathe.

Now, I hold nothing against the influencers, this is their life and I get it.  But what bothers me is the pressure it puts on the consumer.  The feeling you have to buy ALL of this stuff and it is NON-STOP.

It's overwhelming.

It's not sustainable.

It's not financially responsible.

And honestly, it's not necessary.

My true fans are also very aware my closet is a problem and has been for... well, a long time.  It makes me crazy and yet I don't even have the energy to solve it.  I remember the time I cleared out my closet entirely and only put in very few pieces I had just purchased.  

It was glorious!

And I will get back there.

On one of my morning walks, listening to my Jay Shetty podcast, the subject came up of "your worst year".

My mind immediately went to 2012.

The year I lost My dad, and My brother, and My dear friend Mary Lynne. My job was crushing every part of my soul with a software transition and... I moved to Texas.

The year of so much hurt and loss and yet, the year I took the leap and paved the way for the life I have now.


It was in that moment I knew how to downsize.  I knew what it looked like. And I couldn't wait to get home to plan.

...Twelve. Twelve pieces. 

Versatile and timeless, with a few standouts (because we have to have those).  By the season...because life is a series of seasons strung together.

This first ...Twelve is 100% ME and it's never felt better.  You've seen me wear several of the pieces, because they represent WHO I AM.

The website will still have the old inventory until it sells out, but eventually, we will get down to just ...Twelve.

...Twelve of the best styles, focusing on quality, fit, and longevity.  Twelve styles dropped Four times a year.  That's it.

I hope you're along for this journey with me as it is something that makes me proud and feels like a true service to the people I care most about in this business.  You!

With Much Love, Thought, and Consideration one girl can pour into an idea!


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