The Skinny On Swimwear

The Skinny On Swimwear

I get asked ALL of the time to carry swimwear.  Those who know me well (even not so well) know, I love swimwear.  While I would consider offering swimwear for children, swimwear for ladies is not a beast I am willing to tackle.

However, I am willing to invest and do some research to help you source the best places to buy swimwear.  My go-to has always been Target.  They are inexpensive, nice quality, a fairly large selection, and cute.  The downside, you find yourself sitting on the beach next to a lady who also bought the same suit at Target. 

Victoria's Secret has a pretty decent selection but their pricing has dramatically increased $50-$80/piece, not per suit if you buy two piece suits.  I have found some great suits at Dillard's under $50.  And, honestly, even strolling through WalMart I have seen some pretty cute, very inexpensive suits.

All that being said, I took a gamble and ordered off of the website Cupshe.  Now, not totally blind because Mike has actually ordered a few suits for me from here before and the quality was quite nice.

You can't beat the prices.  Suits range from $20-$30 ish. Their selection is also very good and always changing with tons of options for both one and two piece suits.  There is always a discount code and free shipping.  They do accept returns within 21 days and even though they ship directly from China, shipping is pretty fast.

The downside, you have to buy as a set within the same size.  So no S top and M bottom.  They do have a Mix-N-Match section with some limited options, but worth checking out.  If you wish to return, you have to pay for return shipping and that may be costly.


Below is a recap of what I ordered and how the sizing fit for each suit. 

For reference, I am usually a size 6 bottoms and M sometimes S, sometimes L in tops in street clothes.  In swimwear, I usually opt for a L top and M or L bottom depending on fit.  I ordered L in all of the suits below.


1. Court & Spark Fresh Leaves Set $25.50

Fit both Top and Bottom is perfect. The top is a tie top which makes sizing flexible and adjustable.  The bottoms fit perfectly but I would say runs small for a size L.


2.  Moonlight Shadow Triangle $27.99

This was the one miss for me.  The triangle top is really small triangles and the bottoms also run pretty small for a L.  Not ideal for large busts.


3.  Deep Love Solid $26.99

This one was a mix for me although I can make it work.  The top sits higher than I would like across my back.  Almost like there is not enough fabric on the shoulder straps.  However, it covers everything and is manageable, but not my favorite fit.  The bottoms are great and fit nicely.


4.  Lotus Pond $27.99

A great fit on this one.  The bottoms are a little big but with the string tie sides it is easily adjustable to a comfortable fit.  The top is also a tie top and fits great.


5.  Orange Flamingo Reversible $27.99

I love the pattern on this one.  So fun and unique.  The fit is pretty good.  The bottoms run big, although it's manageable.  So long as you don't participate in any intense water sports.  The top is a nice fit.  The one odd thing on the top, at least on the one I received, the pleats on the cups come to a weird point almost giving you a Madonna pointy boob look.  I stretched it and maneuvered it around and was able to smooth it out but have yet to wear it for any length to see if that continues to be a problem.  Lastly, the description is a bit deceiving, the bottoms are reversible the top is not.



6.  Navy & White Stripe Strappy $28.99

Overall good fit on this one.  The bottoms have the side ties which add some flexibility on fit and the top is a good fit. The bottoms on this one are also reversible. 


7.  Pink Banana Leaf $29.99

Really cute fit on this one.  The bottoms run slightly big but not unmanageable.  The top is the wrap tie top and easy to adjust fit.  The cup coverage is very good.


8.  Miss U Poppy Print One Piece $29.99

A super cute fit on this one with lots of coverage.  The bottom portion fits great and great full coverage up top.  I have a long torso and a good fit on one piece suits is hard for me to find.  This one works well for me.


Overall my Cupshe purchases were a success and I am very pleased with the items I received.  In fact, I have my eyes on a few more! Don't tell The Boss! :)

A few points, finding the right fit for you is key in swimwear.  I spent a good portion of my life buying the more conservative, high to mid waist, full back coverage only to learn that was not the most flattering fit on me.  With my build, the lower rise suits actually look better.

My recommendation, put your brave girl pants on and go into a store with lots of swimwear and choose several different styles.  Even styles you would not normally wear and go try them on.  You might just surprise yourself like I did and find the ideal cut for you.  Because that really is more than half the battle.

Secondly, color is really important.  What color looks good on you and what color makes you look naked.  Yes, naked.  Peach, blush, nude...not great colors for swimwear, in my opinion.  We see this every year at the lake and from a distance, you look naked.  Just FYI!  

Lastly, buy the size that fits you best.  Not the size you normally wear.  Not the size you want to wear.  The size that fits you the best in that particular suit.  Also taking into account what it will look like when it is wet.  The perfect suit can be a total miss if you don't buy the proper size.

I hope you all found this helpful.  Now bring on the sunshine!!


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