Sunshine on the Horizon

Sunshine on the Horizon

The long awaited rays of the summer sun are on the horizon!  There is just nothing better than crisp Spring days and sunshine on your face.  Spring is such a wonderful time of year.  A refresh.  A reset.  A....time to CLEAN OUT YOUR CLOSET!  UGH!  Mine is in need of a serious overhaul.  I will share with you what I decide to keep and what goes.  What pieces I add for the new seasons and why.



But first, I mean really, how does ones closet get SO MESSY!  The reality is TOO MUCH STUFF.  I used to have a rule that every time I purchased something new I had to purge something old.  Well, that went by the wayside and my closet....(s) (because let's be real, I take over every closet in the house), my dresser, my whole world suddenly became overflowing with heaps of clothes.  And, like most people, I wear the same 4-6 items ALL.THE.TIME.  More on Closet Purge 101 in a moment.  Let's talk shopping...

While I am shopping for myself and the boutique I look for versatile pieces.  I want items in my closet (and yours) that can easily change up and have an entirely different look.  It helps streamline your closet, adds value to the pieces you purchase, and saves you money.

So here are a few things I look for when shopping for new items:

     1.  Can I dress it up and down?
     2.  What do I already have that I can pair with it?
     3.  Staple or statement? (because we need both)

I use these same guidelines when going through my closet and purging items.  Along with,

  1.  Am I tired of it?
  2.  Is it worn out?
  3.  Will I really ever wear it again.  I mean, REALLY.

So often we hang onto stuff telling ourselves we love it and we will wear it again and never sees the light of day!  So, really try to be honest.  You may love it, but why don't you wear it.  What is the initial feeling you get when you think of wearing it?  If it's anything like, "Love, but that's too tight.", or "The sleeves bother me.", or "The color just isn't right.", "It will fit when I lose a little weight." or, my favorite "But I spent so much money on it!"  Listen closely....GET RID OF IT!

You won't wear it.  You've proven that over the last several months.  Just cut your losses and LET IT GO! Easier said than done, I know.  But seriously, when you shed your closet of ALL THE THINGS you DO NOT WEAR you will be amazed how much better it feels and how easy it becomes to put outfits together and get dressed. 

Jeans in my closet almost always get a free pass.  Jeans seem to be that one timeless item.  Unless of course they are too tight and I KNOW I can't and won't wear them.  Everything else...gloves off!  Cut the emotional tie and let it go.  Because, you can't have something NEW and FRESH if something OLD and just OK is taking up space.

Neutral tops, white, black, nude, blush, even some blue are items I really try to hold onto if they are in great shape.  Because, these items are so versatile for all seasons and closet essentials.

Next, what am I tired of looking at?  Is it florals? Plaids? Ruffles? OTS?  Whatever that is, those go next.  Remember, if you look at it and initially get the UGH feeling, TOSS IT!

Next, Give it one shot! If I am on the fence about something, I put it on.  It's either a keeper or not and we know instantly.  If it's OK, ask yourself, "Do I really want OK?  Or should I toss it to make room for GREAT?"  Answer:  NO, and YES!

Finally, do one more pass through.  Is there anything else you can live without?  Is there anything that is not GREAT?  I know there is. I have to go through mine a couple of times and really tell myself, "It's this OLD thing OR SOMETHING NEW!" And I think we all know what I would rather have!



Now that you have purged, let's talk about what to add back to your wardrobe.

Check all of your staples first.  Do you have what you need in the neutral department?  Make a list of what you need to add.

Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Camis are essential.  I wear camis every day of my life.
  2.  Fresh White tops and tanks.
  3.  Neutral Cardigans.
  4. Nice dark jeans.


 Camis are a Necesseity


These are the GOLD in your closet!  The pieces that we CANNOT WAIT to wear!  Whether bold colors, bold, sexy cut or just that dynamite little black dress, EVERY GIRL NEEDS STATEMENT PIECES!

Here are a few of our favorites:



Now that you have purged, cleaned, and reset your closet you are ready to add pieces.  Try using my rule of versatility as you make new purchases and make sure to add STAPLE and STATEMENT pieces.   You won't need a million if you apply the versatility rule and buy pieces you can easily change up.  OH, and don't forget to purge jewelry and handbags too!

For the future, discard old stuff when you purchase new.  It helps keep your closet timeless and fresh without the major task of a complete closet overhaul.

I hope I have helped you purge and reset your closet for a new season. 




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