Shoulder Taps - Inspired by Bill Hart

Shoulder Taps - Inspired by Bill Hart

I recently stumbled across a post in my Facebook feed titled "Shoulder Taps".  It was a short video done by a man named Bill Hart.  If you have not watched it, do yourself a favor and go search for it and watch his short video.  It's about three minutes long and contains a very powerful message.   

I have been wanting to write about something like this but could not find the exact words.  After watching Bill's video, it gave me the exact push I needed to put my thoughts into writing.  So here goes...

A month or so ago the original owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Don Carter passed away.  As we were watching the story on the news a man came on and spoke about his experience with Don and a lesson that he will never forget.  He said, "Don once told me, If you have the opportunity to do something for someone that they will remember for the rest of their lives, you have an obligation to do it.".

Kindness. Pure and simple, kindness. Which this world could use more of, right!?

That quote and ideal resonated so much with me because that is exactly what is in my heart.  If you can make someone smile.  Feel loved.  Feel relevant.  Feel important,  and you don't do it, that's where we breakdown as a society.  That's where evil wins.  That's where we allow love and kindness to take the back seat.

So when you experience these "shoulder taps" as referred to by Bill Hart, DO SOMETHING.  Don't ignore them.  Don't talk yourself out of it because of some lame insecurity.  Don't pass the opportunity because you think your intentions will be misinterpreted. Don't WAIT for someone else to bring love and kindness to the world.  Each and every day we each carry a responsibility to go out into this world and make it better.  Cliche, I know, but IT'S TRUE! It's not your neighbor's responsibility.  Your boss.  Your Co-Worker.  Or your spouse.  Yes, we each have to do our part but let's first look WITHIN and start there.  Because, when we act on a shoulder tap there's a ripple effect.  People who experience random good deeds carryout random good deeds.

But here's the catch.  Do it silently.  Don't stand on top of a mountain pounding your chest proclaiming to the world how you saved the day.  Learn the difference in sharing a message to inspire others to do the same and bragging and waiting for applause and credit.  You will get all the applause and credit when you feel the joy you brought to another human being.  In that moment in time, you changed a life. You made a lasting  impression.  Now move on and go do it again.  And again.


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