My Why

My Why

Today I came across a post of a cute young child and the caption read "MY WHY.  What is your why?"  As I scrolled through the comments the  "WHYS" ranged from Pics of kids. Spouses. Friends battling illness.  Parents.  But you know what I didn't see...


Isn't it ok for my why to be ME?  Because I want it.  Because I want to be successful.  Because I want to empower people.  Because I want to bring good to the world.  Because I want to share my talents and knowledge with others.  Because I want to leave my mark on this big (small) world.  Because I want the business I have built to flourish.  Because I want the sweet, sweaty taste of S.U.C.C.E.S.S. 

Because aren't we better for everyone else if we are our best selves?  Or is that just a catchy line in all the self development books?

So I ask you, why is it taboo for us to say "My WHY is ME."

It's not selfish.  It's not ego.  It's actually honest, true, accountable and in my eyes, honorable.  Because, Isn't the reason we push ourselves to our absolute edge so that WE may achieve our goals?  Sure, others benefit from our efforts and inspire us to keep pushing through the hard times, but WE are the reason. 

WE set goals that WE want to achieve and WE put in the work to achieve them.  What would change if we made our why ME?  Is the world going to stop turning?  Are your children going to stop being fed and cared for?  Is your spouse going to stop being loved?  Are you parents going to stop being proud or your friend stop being sick?

NO.NO.NO.  None of that will happen.  And let's be really honest for a minute, chances are your WHY is already ME.  But society makes us feel like we have to place that blessing on someone else.  We can't make our life and our goals about ourselves. Wait...WHAT??  Read that sentence again.  Here I'll make it easy for you:

We can't make our life and our goals about ourselves.

See, that even sounds ridiculous.  Especially in bold font.  Well, let me just tell you, my why is ME.  And I give you 110% support in taking back your WHY.  Because here's why, it's your life and you are solely reasonable for making it the best life you can live.  Period. 

I know that sounds bold and maybe a little harsh but let me share with you what is really harsh.  Living and pushing yourself to the edge for someone else only to end up disappointing BOTH of you.  That sucks.  That's hard.  That's heartbreaking and I have been there many times in my life.  Which is why I am comfortable and confident in saying to the world, "I love you and will care for you and share all that I can, but this is my life.  My Why is ME."




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