Mondays are for ME!

Mondays are for ME!

I'll admit, I'm bad at "Self-Care".  I don't get caught up in the spin and I really don't make time for it.  HOWEVER, I've come to accept that it really is important and if we don't take care of ourselves we perpetuate a downward spiral of negativity. 

I get it.

I have also accepted, it really looks different for everyone.  Your version of self-care doesn't have to look like mine and visa-versa.

About six or so weeks ago I decided Mondays (and really only Monday morning) are for ME.  Monday the store is closed.  I don't have to rush to be anywhere.  I can take a moment for ME.

Backing up a bit I'll tell you honestly, this girl was unkept.  My hair was dry.  My skin was dry and troublesome.  My legs were never shaved.  My gym membership unused (still this, but hey we can't expect perfection overnight!).  On and on in the "lack of attention to oneself" department.

With the opening of a new store and taking on that challenge, to learning how to juggle and tackle this new version of life I decided this...

Mondays are for ME.

  • For me to shave my legs.
  • And my face.  Yes, I said that.
  • Do my face mask.
  • My hair mask.
  • Bleach my teeth.

As a multi-tasker by nature, I sit here typing this blog in my robe with my hair and face soaking in mask.  But we do what we have to do and again, my version doesn't have to be the same as anyone else's.  At least I am knocking out the five things I promised myself I would do EVERY WEEK.

NOW, I'll tell you, this morning, this VERY MORNING.  I said to myself, "Just get dressed and run down to the store and knock can do your Monday routine later."

But then...

I said to myself, "Get your butt in the shower and start your Monday routine."

The discipline we apply to taking care of ourselves, in whatever form that looks like, is just as important as the actual events. Pause, and read that again.

It also made me reflect on a rant or gripe if you will, that I see every darn day in Women's groups I'm involved in.  Ladies constantly venting about people not supporting them.  Not taking them seriously.  

Stop and ask yourself this, are you supporting yourself?  Are you taking yourself seriously?  Or are you a hamster on a wheel running as fast as you can to do and please and, and, and.

You can't ask people to do for you what you are showing them is not even important for you to do for yourself.  I get it, you're busy.  We are all busy.  But let me tell you this, in the last call it six weeks I have done my 5-step promise above.  It takes about one hour.  


Over the course of SIX WEEKS I have taken SIX HOURS for me.  Six hours.  That's not even a full work day.

You have time.

Start with something small.  It doesn't have to be extravagant or expensive.  Start with solving some pain points in your life.  That's where I looked first.  The things that bothered me about me. I already had all of the necessary products and resources to solve the issues, I just wasn't utilizing them.  I wasn't making time. Once you have your routine down, add another layer.

Until next week...



Updated to post the links to products I use and love.

1. Shave my legs.  Link below for the Billie razor.  It really is worth all of the hype.  You don't even need shaving cream.  Well, at least I don't, but again we are all different so you be the judge.

2.  Shave my face.  Yep, do it, you won't be sorry. Just be careful around the brows.  I will tell you from experience growing back brows takes about as long as growing back bangs.

3.  Face Mask.  I actually love two products. In the shower, prior to shaving my face and applying my charcoal mask I use a R&F microderm paste.  It's awesome. Followed up with the charcoal mask after my clean shave.

4.  Hair Mask.

5.  Bleaching my teeth.  I use my invisalign night guards and bleach below for 30 minutes.



So probably goes without saying, I shave my legs and do the R&F Microderm Paste in the shower.  When I get out of the shower I apply my hair mask and put it back in my towel turban then shave my face and apply the black mask.  I then put in my bleaching trays and set the timer for 30 minutes.  I jump back in the shower when the time is up to rinse my hair and wash off the mask. It's just easier for me, but whatever works for you!


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