Monday Morning Coffee Tips with Amy - Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Monday Morning Coffee Tips with Amy - Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

If you see a trend outside of your comfort zone, try it. You don't have to buy it, but you may just find a new piece you love!

Tasked with the responsibility of bringing you all the latest trends, I too find myself saying, "Never in a million years would I wear/buy that!".  But then, over time and seeing the pieces styled in various ways, those "never in a million years" trends start to grow on me.

So my suggestion, TRY IT!  Pull that velvet top off the rack and give it a try.  I know, some of you just took a trip down memory lane back to prom in the 90's.  We loved it then and we will love it now!  The velvet trend is hot!  Especially for the holidays and we are seeing it carry through in to some spring pieces.   Now you don't have to dive right into a floor length velvet gown, but add some velvet into your wardrobe.  A velvet tank styled under a sweater or blazer.  A velvet blazer or bomber or start with a velvet handbag. 

A few other trends here to stay for awhile, off the shoulder and florals.  Love them or hate them, they are sticking around.  If you absolutely can't do the off the shoulder, try it's sister the cold shoulder top.  Still on trend and honestly way more functional.

Oh, and grab those overalls.  They are trending now and staying through next spring and summer.  Basically pull out your pics from the 90s and #repeat!    

We've got this, ladies!  Give some of those "never in a million years" a try and let us know about your experience.  We love to hear from you and see the way you have styled the new trends.


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