Let’s Frose🥂

Let’s Frose🥂

The sweet rays of summer are here and it’s important to stay hydrated!! With your favorite summer cocktail that is!! 

I love this refreshing Frose‘ and it is SO EASY to make!

Sorry kids, no real recipe just some of this and a splash of that! But here’s what I do:

  • Quarter 5-6 Strawberries
  • 1/3 C Sugar
  • Some White Wine (doesn’t really matter what kind)

Place all ingredients in blender and blend until    purified. Pour into tiny muffin tin cups. Add a whole raspberry or two. Freeze completely. Once frozen, place toothpick in center and twist to remove fruit cup. Place in glass and pour some bubbly! Doesn’t have to be expensive bubbly either! I used the $7 Costco bottle!

Enjoy and Please, Drink Responsibly!

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