It's ok.  It's gonna be alright.

It's ok. It's gonna be alright.

So your tree is not decorated.

Your house is in a state of constant disarray.

You just dried your husband's "DO NOT DRY" shirt.

Fed the kids moldy toast.

Served the baby old milk.

Can't decipher the "clean" pile of laundry from the "dirty" pile.

Accidentally Sent your Mother In Law the "Nothing is for dinner, feed yourself." text.

Your tank is on empty.  In your car and your life.

Do I need to go on...

Guess what...

It's OK.

And it's all gonna be alright.

Learn to laugh.

Learn to forgive yourself.

Learn to check the dates before you fill the bottle...Haha..kidding, but seriously.

We hold ourselves to this ideal we see online and you know, I'm damn tired of it.

Life is messy.

It ain't perfect.

But you know what.

It's ok.  And we are gonna be alright!  Except the baby. Somebody please check the baby, and the milk.

That is all.  Happy Holidays.  We will get through this!



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