It Doesn't Have to be Perfect to be Merry!

It Doesn't Have to be Perfect to be Merry!

Ahhhhh...It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!!!  The most busy, cheerful, joyful, magical, colorful, stressful time of the year! And if you are like me,  you are more ready for the apocalypse than Christmas.  

Every year our house is decorated in a special color theme for that year.  We've done Navy and Gold (one of my personal faves), Red and Green, Black, Cream, and Gold (another fave), even Purple and Gold.  From the tree to the fireplace and everywhere in our home, it matches.  The paper, the bows, the tags..well, unless you are Mike who uses his trusty ol' sharpie marker to label packages.  Even our Christmas Cards match the color theme of the year.

This year's theme...

Get the tree up.  Wrap the gifts. End of theme.

There's no color story in our house.  Heck, the majority of the house still isn't decorated and most likely won't be.  The tree only has ornaments on the front side, no I'm not kidding, and it's not even complete.  Obviously. 

The mantel has a haphazard garland tossed on it with a lonely poinsettia flower poked in there for "some color".  And the gifts...oh the gifts, I normally hide all paper except for what I want Mike to use so that everything matches.  This year, I'm not even sure it's all Christmas paper.  And forget the bows.  Ain't nobody got time for that!  Tags, even I used Mike's infamous Sharpie marker to label packages.

And we can't even talk about Christmas Cards!  Everyone, expect a Merry Christmas text from The Witt's this year because it doesn't look like cards are happening!

But you know what, it is STILL The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year at our house!  We have laughed more at our lackluster Charlie Brown Christmas and enjoyed every bit of our so called "decorations".

Sure I see gorgeous pictures on social media and my heart cries a little bit for what should have been, but you know what I realized, it's ok to enjoy everyone else's Christmas Craze once in awhile and just do what you can do!

It doesn't make you any less perfect.  It doesn't make them any more perfect.  It doesn't make Christmas any less perfect. 

Let's not get caught up in what should be because social media pushes us to believe a certain way and miss the joy and meaning of the season.  Do what you can do and enjoy the season!  Such a great lesson for a girl that has to have everything just so and matchy-matchy!

So to all of the people killing it this Christmas, THANK YOU for sharing your beautiful pics so I can drool and enjoy.  I know how much joy that brings and I thank you for sharing!  And to all of my people enjoying a Charlie Brown Christmas like us, cheers to you us!

It's still Merry!  It's still joyful!  And honestly, come January, it's all going to clean up in about 15 minutes!  Let's talk about real joy!!!

So from our little imperfect world to all of you, Merry Christmas Everyone!  




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