A Little Hope

A Little Hope

Do you ever wonder how items end up in a boutique's inventory??  Well, this week, in light of Dallas Market week, I am going to give you some insight into my choices and some behind the scenes peeks.  I will share some live stories from Market and the thought process behind my picks.  So stay tuned in on our social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) for a week of market fun.  

So how does one fill a boutique??  Well, some of it is just, "I want that in my closet so everyone else must want it too".  Some of it is trend.  Some of it is satisfying the classics and staples.  Some of it is impulse buy.  Some of it is "Did I really buy that?". And then, the really special ones, that come from the heart.  Those pieces that tell a story beyond the "I wants", "we needs", "it's in style".  Those pieces are my favorite!

This story starts back when I first started my boutique.  For the first several months I would send free gifts with orders for all first time customers.  As a way to show my gratitude and appreciation for their business and trust.  Those little gifts brought out some amazing stories and connections with my followers.

This story is one of my favorites and inspired the Hope bracelets:

"I received my order upon my return home and I was so pleased with the dresses and the packaging as well as the sweet note. The thing that got me the most was the sweet extra special gift of the bracelet. By the grace of God, my sister had her chemotherapy port and her trach removed that morning. As I opened the package, I thought what an extra bonus on an already great day. My sister is cancer free and I got cute stuff. The true miracle is that her name is Hope and that was the very word on the bracelet. I am now able to celebrate the gift of life and my sister thanks to you.
Forever grateful for your generosity!"
To add to the miracle of this story, the Hope bracelet she is referring to is not one of the bracelets for sale in my boutique.  I visited Market just a few days after receiving this email.  Standing at a jewelry booth trying to decide on some new pieces, I saw the beaded bracelets below.  I really loved the stone bead and gold combo but noticed it said something.  I picked it up and the little charm read "Hope".  With a smile on my face and a tear in my eye I asked the lady to please add the gray and white "Hope" bracelets to my order.  Because we all need a little Hope!
Stay tuned for more stories and an inside peek at my market picks!




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