Go “Tinkle”

Go “Tinkle”

Giving “Go Tinkle” a new meaning!!

So here’s the scoop on shaving your face. Have you noticed men typically have nice, youthful looking skin (turds)!? In reality, it makes sense. 

A. They don’t use makeup and other pore clogging products EVERY.SINGLE.DAY
B. They don't go to sleep with said products on their face.. Ahemmmm!

So, basically #itsscience

But seriously, I'm a believer there is something to shaving your face.  It is essentially DIY dermaplaning. Removing that bothersome face fuzz and dead skin. Leaving your skin silky soft and smooth.  Also creating a much smoother surface for your products to do their work,

If you are still skeptical, try professional dermaplaning first.  When I had it done it was very inexpensive $15 add-on to a facial and I loved the results.  I just don't have the time to go have it done as frequently as I would like.

Face waxing is also an option; however I was highly disappointed in this option.  It cost me around $75, it wasn't overly pleasant, and it didn't work.  I came home to discover my face was still super fuzzy.

So I opted for Tinkle razors.  These are amazing little tools.  You can find them in drugstores and on Amazon (of course). They are small, easy to use and to maneuver over your face.  Just don't get too confident and accidentally take off the top portion of your eyebrow like I may have done.  Also, take caution, although they are much smaller and not as sharp as a normal razor they will cut you.  So be sure to take your time and be careful.

So you have questions.  I get it, girl.  I did too.  So I will do my best to answer them for you per my experience.

Q: How often do you need to do it?
A:  I am assuming this will be different for everyone depending on how quickly your hair grows, the color, and your desired results.  I do it once a week. 

Q:  Does it hurt?
AIt does not hurt.  It's the same as shaving your legs with the same silky skin feeling afterwards.

Q:  How long do the razors last?
A:  I honestly don't know.  I haven't really paid attention but like any razor, I think you will know when it's time to grab a new one.  

Q:  Do you get razor burn?
A:  I experienced a few patches of irritated skin when I first started.  Nothing unbearable and it was only noticeable to the touch not visibly obvious.  This went away after a few times.

Q:  Do you use shaving cream?
A:  I do not.  I wet my face and apply a tiny amount of my face wash making a lather.  I continue to wet my face as I go through the process.  I would not recommend using on a dry face and I do not feel shaving cream is necessary. 

Q:  Do you just shave your jawline and lip areas?
A:  I actually shave my whole face, and under chin (what exactly is the name of that area?).  It's great to touch up eyebrows, just don't get too close and the hairline gets tricky.  But I do my whole face. I can always post a video on this if that would be more helpful. 

Q:  Do you grow a man beard?
A:  This one makes me laugh out loud, but only because I had the same concern. My answer is No and  also, kinda Yes.  NO, you will not grow a man beard with a slight disclaimer that we are all different.  If you have rapid, dark hair growth you may see different results.  I felt like I "noticed" more hair on my face.  But I highlight noticed because was it just because now I was looking for it or because now instead of laying flush with my skin it's growing outward?  So, NO, you will not grow a beard but YES, you will notice the hair more than you did before.

After continuing my routine for a few months now I actually feel like there is less hair on my face.  And let's face it ladies, it would be really nice to remove those elusive chin hairs before they reach the one inch mark and attract attention. 

So that's pretty much it.  I have added it to my Monday routine which I would be happy to run through and show you all what I do.  Don't be afraid to give it a shot.  I think you will really enjoy the results.

Until our next life-hack discovery!



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