A Life in Leggings

A Life in Leggings

Athletic-Leisure Wear has really taken a stronghold on the American Woman.  It is more common to see women in leggings and sneakers than dressed and ready in a polished outfit. AND, no one is more guilty than THIS GIRL!

But, I recently had some experiences and an epiphany.  And, ladies, I'm here to tell ya, I don't want to spend my life in leggings with a messy bun.  I know, you're all thinking I'm crazy because seriously, leggings are life.  I get that.  But so is dressing nicely.  Feeling pretty.  Looking presentable.  Polished and put together.

Every time I see the quote, "Dressing well is a form of good manners."-Tom Ford, I hang my head hoping to slide under the radar and not been seen in my leggings and messy bun.

So recently, I've had the opportunity to work with Jeremy.  Jeremy is a friend, designer, and FABULOUS dresser.  Even on "work" days.  Like painting type work.  He ALWAYS looks sharp!  ALWAYS

Also recently, I dressed up like a big girl in a cute outfit complete with jewelry and heels...I'll wait for an applause!!  Ha!  But three things happened.

Firstly, I felt like a million bucks.  And it wasn't even a top 10 outfit.  Jeans, a cute top, earrings and heels.  That's it, and I felt 10 times better than I do on a legging day.

Secondly, people NOTICED.  Now, I don't necessarily need to be noticed but you guys, I heard "WOW, you look so pretty!" so many times that day it really made me stop and think.  One, They are shocked because I don't normally look pretty.  Two, you have the opportunity to inspire through your own style and you look like a ragamuffin 95% of the time! Just because you think it's more convenient.

And lastly, that cute top, smelled dusty!  That's right!  It had been hanging in my closet SO long, it was dusty.  I spent half the day trying to figure out where the "dusty" smell was coming from and finally realized, IT WAS ME!  MY SHIRT! That's a problem.

So, as I sit here on a flight to California (in my leggings...hey, it's a travel day), I made a pact with myself.  Weekends and chill days at home, fine, wear your leggings.  The rest of the week, GET DRESSED!

So ladies...who's in??  Who's in the #getdressed #belikejeremy movement with me?  Because we are so much better when we feel better!  Let's do this!

For the next 30 days (starting Monday, no really, we will start Monday!) I will post #MOOTD (my outfit of the day) and I invite you to join me.  Extra points if your outfit came from VW! ;)  And let's kick our lazy legging habit together.  Because if we are being honest, Lazy is exactly what it is.


Amy, a.k.a. head ragamuffin


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