A Change of Plans

A Change of Plans

So you know that story you have in your head about "How life is supposed to go!"? HA!  You can plan and plan and plan, but the reality is, Life will go EXACTLY as it is meant to despite your vision of "how it should be".

My mother gave me a picture with the saying "Life is all about how you handle Plan B."  And I have come to discover, Life is Plan B.

So here was my plan.  Build a reputable brand. Take care of your customers. And they will come and love your brand.  End of plan.  Well, not exactly, but for the sake of brevity we will stick with that.

I never wanted to be the face of my brand.  I never wanted my pictures plastered all over social media and my website.  I never wanted to show you "what it looks like on me".  I wanted to have a small pic of me on the "ABOUT" page with my contact information so you could see who was behind the brand if you wanted to, but STAY BEHIND.THE.SCENES.

Unfortunately for little ol' me, that's not how this game is played.  People want to know who is behind a brand.  They want to see who is behind a brand.  They want a relationship with that person and to feel a connection.  And, I wanted all of those things too, without actually having my picture everywhere.

I share this with you all to share something that I have had to do that is very hard for me and WAY outside my comfort zone. Ask any photographer that has ever worked with me, I DO NOT enjoy having my picture taken.  I am even more apprehensive to share those pics.  

Side Note:  If you have read this far, with a slight eye roll, I want to address another point.  And I say this in the most matter-of-fact way with absolutely no ego.  I know that I appear to have a "model" look.  But I don't like it.  It's not comfortable for me.  It's not something I enjoy.  I was raised pretty conservatively and honestly, very tall, lanky and awkward until about the age of 30.  Ask anyone that grew up with me.  So please know, this post is to share positive changes that came from embracing my Plan B and stepping outside my comfort zone to build better relationships with my customers and grow my brand.

Change of plans...Enter Plan B!

It became apparent that if I was going to be successful I had to open myself up.  I had to share who I am. What I look like.  What things look like on me.  It wasn't enough to just provide great products and customer service. 

You guys, you would be my new BFF if you stood up and said "Nah girl, you don't have to.  Just post those stock pics or other models. It's ok with us!"  Anybody?? Anybody?? Trust me, it would not hurt my feelings.

But it's funny how Plan B changes us.  I have had to learn how to "model" (I say that lightly because modeling is WAY out of my pay grade), how to pose, how to not look like I am being tortured and THEN, as if that was not the worst of it, post it out there for the world to see.

I don't really get anxiety, or I don't think I do and I am told I would know, but you guys, I get majorly anxious about this.  Hats off to all the models in the world and ladies that compete in "body judging competitions". The thought of that gives me major anxiety.  I would rather eat a bucket of worms than do any of those things.

But, here is what happened, it all changed.  It changed the way I attract customers.  It changed the way I interact with my customers.  It changed my buying decisions.  And it changed me.  It has really made me want to be there for you all even more than before.  To share with you my flaws, weaknesses, fears, and strengths and still have you accept all of those and trust in ME and my brand.  

So when you see ME, know that THIS.IS.ME. growing through my pain-points, embracing my Plan B, and hoping to inspire all of you and welcome you to the Velvet Window community as I continue to grow my brand.  Because I am really glad you are here!


For your entertainment, see below for some blooper pics because I really don't take myself that seriously!


Now that’s a good look!😂

”Can I be done, please?”🙏🏻

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